My first post in English…

Hello everyone!

It’s good to be here. Yes, I’m back – back in english.

As the title says, this is my first post in this language, but not first english sentence ever made.

If I make mistakes – please correct me. I’m learning.

I didn’t have much opportunity to use this splendid speech since I was in school. So I feel somewhat like coming home after a huge break, mayby holliday.

At first I’d like to thank everyone for your support – likes and comments and all that observing stuff 🙂

You are great and it is pleasure to be here! And from now on I’m waiting for you, native speakers, in both Polish and English – to crash me! 🙂

Well, well, well… Do you know that song by Duffy? 🙂

I must say this is a great opportunity to be here with all of you. I’ve expirienced guests coming from all over the world and I’m flattered!

This are countries that has visited me alraedy:

I was just joking! I’m not gonna tire you with some (or any – I guess) statistics!

There are some things we all have in common. For example most of us like contact with nature, especially now, in 2020, when we experience some or a lot extortion to stay at home.

I think this situation will cause many problems but on the other hand gave us opportunities. I feel sorry for the people who suffered yet on the other hand – I myself benefitted mayby not materially, but spiritually for sure.

I feel like being part of the world more than ever before. It is true that common enemy makes people closer to each other. Now our common enemy is the virus, but compared to pandemics in the past, where sometimes one third of the Europe have died… well, it was worse those days.

And the worst that had happened, in my opinion, were this two world wars. Save us God from that!

Now, the only thing I think I can do is do nothing… wait, go to work, some religious people may just pray.

This dog, Tajfun, cares nothing about this situation and he is the happies one:

I translated some gallery titles too:

  1. Dulowska Wilderness
  2. Castle of Tenczynek
  3. Rape fields
  4. Chocholowska Valley in spring
  5. 100 favourite books

Opublikowane przez skowron pisze / skowron writes

małą cząstka mnie / little part of me

81 myśli w temacie “My first post in English…

    1. Tajfun to prawdziwy słodziak, chociaż jest stary i ma nadwagę. Głównie śpi, bo słabo już niestety chodzi – bolą go nogi i ciężko mu zrzucić kilosy.
      Dzięki za komentarz 🙂


  1. Ooo to yay your English eloquence! . I will offer an old tune I know…I do not know that song Duffy….sonata Arctica – shy…. It has a lyric, ” sometimes you look me and you blink your eyes.”. Using our grammar would classify this as foreign, and the band is of Finland…. Why? Sometime you look AT m and you blink your eyes is the fluency. You. Your message here is quite good and doesn’t suffer here from grammar. However here in anno 2020… Anno domini a.d. I have heard the term though I’m not Catholic nor have I taken Latin. I would stumble there . In the year of is an old fluffy way to say the same. You are more eloquent in word choice than my here my now. I would just say here in 2020.

    Yay again

    Polubione przez 3 ludzi

      1. Ja tak mam, że jak cały dzień spędzę z ludźmi to tęskno mi do ciszy i samotności. Ostatnio często boli mnie głowa, kiedy mam nadmiar obecności. Umiar we wszystkim wskazany.

        Polubione przez 1 osoba

  2. As I’m French and Polish, I’m not going to give you English lessons! – but I understood your English very well.
    – And I’m going to follow your blog, because it gives me a bit of this country that I never had the „right” to know: my family didn’t even want us to speak Polish – we had become, by force, „French”!

    Polubione przez 5 ludzi

  3. I think Tajfun is the happiest living asset in the world:)))
    your english is very good for someone who is at the beginning , i can say that :))
    if you want to learn more and more English you should follow me , my blog about english :))
    forgetting ; first photo is awesome

    Polubione przez 1 osoba

  4. Alright you guys commenting in Polish … you’ve left me out of the loop. : ) My phone translates posts typed in a different language, but if the post is typed in English, it doesn’t translate the non-English comments. Stupid smart phone.
    Mr. Pisze, I will not be pointing out anything. This is accomplished amazingly well! I am happy for anyone possessing the determination to learn English. It’s my native tongue and still there are things about it that make me shake my head. : )

    Polubione przez 2 ludzi


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